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Our team acts as an extension of your Company. This allows us to think and be fully emerged in the work and value we provide. We begin by getting a clear understanding of the problems that face your business. From there we map a plan of attack on how to execute on the list of problems we want to accomplish, how to accomplish then, and how long it will take. Finally, we will wait for you to green light the project and then we're off!

Pope Consulting Group has experts that were trained in Scrum-Agile. We want to manage our projects using this development methodology as opposed to the traditional waterfall. Why use a development model to plan and implement? Because our team has used this model for years and it has proven success on breaking up the work to get real results.

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Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

Do you have a problem you’re trying to solve but don’t know where to begin? Let us guide you.


Many people purchase software and don't know the best way to use it. We will review how you are using Salesforce today and determine what is best to maximize your investment with Salesforce.


Our team will work with you to construct the best plan for your implementation. Through the current process evaluation, together, we will get your information into Salesforce.


Is it a marketing tool, like Pardot or HubSpot? Is it a Sales Enablement tool like Outreach or Salesloft? Perhaps you're adding an eSignature tool like DocuSign. We want to make sure that integrations aren't a cause for concern.


Our experts have worked with companies who need to migrate information from one system to another. We have also seen robust systems with data that is no longer relevant or needs to be removed in mass.


Need to make your people know the systems to the point where they can be a bit dangerous? We can help with that. We will provide quality training and documentation to help your team get up to speed.


We have experience being Sales Operations and Enablement Leaders. Do you need help negotiating a contract? Need to bounce an idea off another experienced resource? Or just need us to hang around for a bit until you can get your own resource onboarded? ASK and we will be happy to discuss.

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