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Chris Damico

Director of Marketing

It was great working with him from the beginning. We started from square one implementing a marketing source. Ryan's knowledge of Salesforce and system integrations with matching fields and API knowledge helped greatly. He was able to review the Sales and Marketing funnel strategy we drew out and make it a reality in our systems while also providing helpful insight.
Ryan's knowledge and broad spectrum of Sales and Marketing operations are excellent. He understands how these processes WORK. He is of great value and enjoyable to work with. He was always willing to go the extra mile to find solutions to challenges. Ryan can look at your company and know right away what's working and isn't working and how technologies like Salesforce can be adopted to help.


Matt Vercauteren

Product Manager

It didn't matter the concern or problem. they would figure out a way to get it solved using the system we had in Salesforce.

Ryan has used this stuff in the real world, to solve real business problems. He doesn't just implement something and walk away, he has seen the whole process from start to finish. They will always get the job done. 

I would bring Ryan a business problem and he would take the problem, work to understand it, and deliver a solution within Salesforce at the exact level of depth needed.

From an end-user perspective, I hadn't used Salesforce prior to Ryan training me. He simplified everything to make it very easy to pick up and understand for our full team. 

Ryan will get the work done. He will leave you in a good state and happy with the results. 

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